Hypothyroidism Revolution Review – – Symptoms of thyroid cancer

Symptoms of thyroid cancer: 

•    The appearance of a node in the tissues of the prostate, 

•    Image node in size, 

•    Increase of the thyroid gland, 

•    Dysphagia, 

•    Hoarseness.  Sick for a long time without complaints;sometimes go to the doctor because notice thickening of neck. Often troubled feeling of a lump in the throat, but it is not a specific symptom, and it occurs even under normal neuroses. Of course, with the development of the disease manifestations are increasing, moreover, they may depend on the form of cancer. For example, if medullary cancer symptoms appear: Visit Here (http://www.hypothyroidismrevolutionreviews.com/)

•    Hypocalcemia, 

•    Tides 

•    The pressure and pain of the neck, 

•    Thyrotoxicosis, 

•    Combination with an adenoma of the parathyroid glands, neurofibromatosis.  Manifestation of the disease depends on the stage of thyroid cancer. Customary to distinguish four stages: 

•    Stage I is characterized by the presence of local tumor metastasis-free and deformation of the capsule gland. 

•    Stage II and – is a single tumor that deforms the capsule or multiple nodes without metastasis. In stage II there are used for lymph node metastasis on the one hand thyroid home remedies

•    Stage III – This means that the tumor invades the capsule compresses the adjacent organs, lymph node metastases are affected on both sides. 

•    Stage IV is characterized by invasion of the tumor into the surrounding tissue or distant metastases.


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